The proprietary treatment by Slim Beauty House based on Oriental medicine, in pursuit of women's "healthy beauty", aspires to research and develop programs suited for each individual’s constitution, to achieve Oriental esthetic treatment that is gentle for the body. Its prominent skills and profound philosophy are drawing attention from the experts throughout the world and exerting strong influence. Not only body, but also mind heals through this special care that realizes regeneration and continuance of beauty that all women long for.


A health treatment, born in the ancient Babylonia and used broadly in China, Europe, and Japan as folk remedy, is applied to beauty treatment.


Cup drainage:

A brand new treatment blending Oriental cupping therapy and Occidental Lymph drainage.


GE Roller cup:

In order to eliminate the biggest enemy of diet, "cellulite", the new GE Roller Cup evolved from cup drainage.


Yin-Yang and 5 elements Aroma Treatment

This aroma treatment adjusts the balance between mind and body, and enhances our natural healing power.